What a Boilermaker Does

A Boilermaker is a highly skilled tradesman who erects and maintains various types of pressure vessels. These vessels include small boilers in schools and hospitals, coal fired boilers in power generation plants, blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces in the steel industry, precipitators and scrubbers which clean the exhaust from these furnaces and boilers, and numerous other tanks and pressurized containment vessels in industrial plants. Welding, burning, heavy and high rigging, and layout work are the most important skills a Boilermaker needs to perform his job.

Working Conditions
A Boilermaker works primarily in plants that are considered heavy industrial. Steel mills, power generation plants for utilities, chemical plants, refineries, and paper mills are just a few of the industries that Boilermakers and their contractors service. These plants can also pose dangerous working conditions so safety training is constantly taught and reviewed by the union, the contractor, and the owner. This tripartite alliance has proved very successful in minimizing lost time accidents.

Interest And Temperament
Persons interested in becoming Boilermakers need to be able to follow instructions from their Foreman. They must not be afraid of heights or be claustrophobic, and can occasionally expect to work the night shift. Most maintenance in heavy industry is performed around the clock.

Apprentice Wage Range: $15,840 - $35,640
Journeyman Wage Range: $39,600 - $49,500

For More Information Contact:
Boilermakers Local 374 JAC (219) 845-1000