What a Bricklayer Does

The work of the modern Bricklayer touches almost all aspects of building - industrial and commercial buildings, apartments and homes. A Bricklayer constructs walls, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys and other structural forms from brick or other masonry materials such as firebrick, concrete, cinder or gypsum block, structural tile, terra cotta, and stone. They work with any materials put together with mortar using the trowel, chisel, jointer, brick hammer for cutting bricks and power brick cutting saws. They understand and work from blueprints. They also use measuring, leveling and aligning tools to check their work.

Working Conditions
Much of the work is out of doors and generally depends on suitable weather conditions. Modern construction methods along with heater and plastic enclosures stretch the season for bricklaying construction making it less dependent on good weather. Bricklayers are on their feet all day and do considerable stooping and bending. At times work is done from scaffolding which may be high above the ground.

Interest And Temperament
A person interested in this field would be involved in a variety of duties requiring fairly close tolerances, limits, or standards. Bricklaying requires careful, accurate work by the craftsman. To be a Bricklayer, one should enjoy working with one's hands and accept working outside under many different weather conditions. Good eyesight is especially important to quickly determine lines and level. Manual dexterity is also important.

Apprentice Wage Range: $12,480 - $28,080
Journeyman Wage Range: $31,200 - $46,300

For More Information Contact:
Ft. Wayne Bricklayers Local 4 JAC (260) 482-1121