What a Carpenter Does

The Carpenter is probably the most widely known of the building trades craftsperson for two reasons: Carpenters are a member of the largest group of building trades workers and are employed in almost every type of construction activity. Through home and industrial building, the work touches the lives of more people than any other craft. Carpenters cut, shape, fasten wood and similar materials. They erect wooden framework in buildings including sub-flooring, partitions and rafters. They install molding, wood paneling, cabinets, window sashes, door frames, and doors, and hardware, as well as build forms for concrete work, building stairs and laying floors. They use a wide variety of power and hand woodworking tools.

Working Conditions
Since much of the work is done outdoors, working conditions are governed by the weather. The Carpenter does a great deal of standing, lifting, carrying and stooping - some climbing and balance which varies with the job and the particular assignment. Many hazards exist, including possible severe cuts and the possibility of falls.

Interest And Temperament
The Carpenter should enjoy doing precision work, should have pride in their craftsmanship. They must be able to work without close supervision and be able to adapt to a wide variety of working conditions.

Apprentice Wage Range: $13,200 - $29,700
Journeyman Wage Range: $33,000 - $43,700

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