What an Electrician Does

An Electrician lays out, installs and test electrical fixtures, and installs electrical wire systems, systems used to provide heat, light, power, air conditioning and refrigeration in homes, office buildings, factories, hospitals and schools. An Electrician also installs conduit, greenfield and other materials, and connects electrical machinery, equipment and controls in high-rise buildings and installations. Electricians may be required to work at great heights; or may be required to dig deep trenches and cuts for underground installations. The electrical trade is unique in that it is mechanical, technical, and professional. It must select individuals who have a natural aptitude for using tools, and who are gifted enough to master the intricacies of electrical science. They must keep up with the progress of the industry and master a knowledge of the thousand of installation and maintenance procedures.

Working Conditions
In new construction, Electricians move onto the job as soon as the structure begins to take form, installing ground and temporary lights and power. The work is active and strenuous with much of the work done in awkward positions and frequently in cramped quarters. They must do considerable standing, reaching, bending, stooping, climbing, carrying and lifting in order to install electrical conduit and equipment. They must wear protective clothing to guard against the hazards of working with electricity. They may work in all kinds of weather. The work is interesting and diversified. Electricians may be called upon to work in new and old buildings, new and old homes and also commercial and industrial construction.

Interest And Temperament
A person interest in becoming an Electrician must enjoy working with math problems and be able to work in fairly close tolerances. The electrical industry, by its very nature, places a high degree of personal responsibility on the individual journeyman. While supervision is provided on many jobs, the Electrician is often called upon to make decisions regarding the best and safest method of installation to produce a given result.

Apprentice Wage Range: $16,280 - $36,630
Journeyman Wage Range: $40,700 - $50,900

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