What a Glazier Does

A Glazier lays out, fabricates, erects, and installs glass, aluminum window systems, aluminum curtain and window wall systems, aluminum entrances, skylights, mirror and raw glass settings in custom framing materials. This work is primarily performed in stores, office buildings, factories, hospitals, and schools, with some work on residential structures, in high-rise buildings and on skylights. Glaziers may be required to work at great heights. The Glazier uses many hand tools and power tools in the completion of this work.

Working Conditions
A Glazier moves onto a job site after the structure's walls have been formed and the roof is in place. Most of the work is done outside, so work is governed by the weather. Most of the work is achieved off of work platforms, scaffolding, or stages, so safety is of paramount importance and the Glazier must insure their own safety, as well as the workers around them. The Glazier does a large amount of lifting, carrying, climbing and work from ladders.

Interest And Temperament
The potential Glazier should appreciate fine craftsmanship and have the desire to work within close tolerances with great accuracy. Most work is performed without close supervision. The Glazier should not have a fear of heights.

Apprentice Wage Range: $11,840 - $26,640
Journeyman Wage Range: $29,600 - $46,300

For More Information Contact:
Glaziers Architectural, Metal & Glass Workers Local 1165 JAC (317)-542-7617