What a Heat and Frost and Asbestos Worker Does

The Insulator applies, prefabricates, mixes and dismantles different types of insulation. The Asbestos Worker removes old asbestos from pipes and vessels.

Working Conditions
An Insulator is exposed to both inside and outside weather conditions and is called upon to work at heights and in small spaces. They must wear suitable clothing for the climate. Training is a must for Asbestos Workers as without proper training, it can be a dangerous profession.

Interest And Temperament
A person entering this occupation should be willing to perform work well, take pride in performance and realize responsibilities to fellow workers and the employer.

Apprentice Wage Range: $15,160 - $34,110
Journeyman Wage Range: $37,900 - $48,400

For More Information Contact:
Heat and Frost Insulators Local 41 JAC (219) 484-2834