What an Iron Worker Does

The Iron Worker is a craftsperson who fabricates, erects, assembles and installs fabricated structural metal products, usually large steel beams, in the erection of industrial, commercial or large residential buildings. The Structural Iron Worker erects the steel framework of bridges, buildings and other structures including metal storage tanks and overhead crane runways that support heavy equipment. The Reinforcing Iron Worker (rodman) sets steel bars of steel mesh in concrete forms to strengthen concrete in buildings and bridges. The ornamental Iron Worker installs metal stairways, catwalks, gratings, grills, screens, fences and decorative ironwork.

Working Conditions
With the exception of some ornamental ironwork, remodeling and repair work, and the occasions where temporary shelter can be set up, most of the work is done out of doors. Most ironwork can be carried on year round except in instances of very severe weather. Because an Iron Worker risks injury, such safety devices as nets, safety belts, and scaffolding are used. An Iron Worker does a great deal of climbing, balancing, and reaching.

Interest And Temperament
An Iron Worker must receive satisfaction from tangible productive results and must be able to work to prescribed close tolerances and rigid standards. Naturally, a person cannot be afraid of working in high places and must also have an acute awareness of the danger to themselves and be willing to assume responsibility for the safety of fellow workers.

Apprentice Wage Range: $15,560 - $35,010
Journeyman Wage Range: $38,900 - $47,900

For More Information Contact:
Iron Workers Local 147 JAC (260) 484-8514