What a Laborer Does

A Laborer must have a common knowledge of all work performed by building tradespersons because the Laborer is the tender in the industry. Laborers are called upon to operate and maintain power tools such as the chain saw, tamping machine, concrete vibrator, chipping hammer, cutting and burning, demolition, and the use of explosives, mixing for and tending of brick masons & plasterers, installing sewers, cribbing and sheeting.

Working Conditions
A Laborer is exposed to all weather conditions and is called upon to work at heights and also depths hundreds of feet underground on subways, tunnels and storage reservoirs. Laborers must wear clothing suitable to the climate, for working in water and heat. Because Laborers are required to work under undesirable and sometimes hazardous conditions, they must develop good safety habits.

Interest And Temperament
Every Laborer must have a broad knowledge of safety for self and co-workers' protection. A person entering this occupation should be willing to perform work well, take pride in performance and realize responsibilities to fellow workers and employer.

Apprentice Wage Range: $26,910 - $28,314
Journeyman Wage Range: $35,880 - $37,752

For More Information Contact:
Laborers' Local #213 (260) 744-5255