What a Roofer Does

The Roofer is the craftsperson who specializes in putting roofs on buildings and other structures to make them waterproof and weatherproof. The Roofer applies composition shingles, tile, slate, wood and single-ply systems. A Roofer uses modern equipment to handle materials thereby lessening the physical exertion which was formerly required. A Roofer is also called upon to waterproof and damp-proof walls and other building surfaces.

Working Conditions
With the exception of waterproofing of some walls, the Roofer works out of doors in all kinds of weather and only shuts down operations when the weather becomes too severe. Most of the time the Roofer works on the top of buildings installing roof materials, thus the Roofer must be constantly alert of the dangers of falling. A Roofer does a great deal of climbing, kneeling, standing and walking on high places.

Interest And Temperament
A Roofer must have no fear of height, have a good sense of balance and a better than average sense of safety for self and co-workers. Persons wishing to enter this type of work should enjoy working with their hands and accept working outside, sometimes under unpleasant weather conditions.

Apprentice Wage Range: $10,260 - $23,085
Journeyman Wage Range: $25,650 - $35,550

For More Information Contact:
Roofers Local 23 JAC (574) 288-6506