What a Sheet Metal Worker Does

The Sheet Metal Worker is a vital part of the construction team. These workers build products from flat sheets of metal and then install the finished product. The Sheet Metal Worker is responsible for the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and exhaust system ducts in a modern building. They are also responsible for the heating, air conditioning, electronic air cleaning and humidification duct work in new homes. This trade includes the application of all outside architectural sheet metal. Commercial and residential items such as facia, chimney flashing, valleys, gutters, downspouts and metal roofs are made from metal of various thicknesses depending on how it is to be used. Another category of sheet metal work is the making and installation of kitchen equipment, counters, hoods, tables, cabinets and related exhaust systems.

Working Conditions
The Sheet Metal Worker does a great deal of shop work compared to other construction tradespersons, by fabricating sheet metal in the shop. It is then delivered to the job for installation. On a new structure, a craftsperson works both inside and out at the construction site. Much of this work requires the ability to climb ladders and work from scaffolds. A Sheet Metal Worker must always be safety conscious because they can be cut by the tools they use or by the sharp edges of the metal with which they work.

Interest And Temperament
Persons interested in becoming Sheet Metal Workers must have mechanical ability and the ability to follow instructions. The apprentice always works with a journeyman. A good working knowledge of math along with mechanical drawing is an asset. The understanding of blueprints and the ability to work in close tolerances are necessary. They must also enjoy working with their hands and have the desire to think for themselves without constant supervision.

Apprentice Wage Range: $15,400 - $34,650
Journeyman Wage Range: $38,500 - $50,600

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