What a Sprinkler Fitter Does

A Sprinkler Fitter is a pipefitting specialist in fire protection. They install, repair and maintain all types of fixed extinguishing systems. Most of the work deals directly with automatic sprinkler systems. They also have skills necessary to install and service a wide variety of other fire protection equipment such as standpipes, carbon dioxide systems, foam systems and dry chemical systems.

Working Conditions
The work can be done indoor or outdoor. Because the work entails a great deal of climbing, kneeling, standing and waling on scaffolding, the Sprinkler Fitter must be constantly alert to the danger of falling.

Interest And Temperament
Sprinkler Fitters must have no fear of height, have a good sense of balance and a better than average safety for themselves and their co-workers. Persons wishing to enter this type of craft should enjoy working with their hands and a willingness to do hard physical work.

Apprentice Wage Range: $23,250 - $23,905
Journeyman Wage Range: $51,667 - $53,123

For More Information Contact:
Sprinkler Fitters Local669 JAC (800) 638-0592