The Economic Development Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Tim Ehlerding, Chairman - Fetters Construction Inc.
  • Rick Lehman, Vice-Chairman, Keystone Concrete, Inc.
  • Jake Fetters, Board Liaison, Mosaic Building Solutions LLC
  • Andy Brooks, Brooks Construction Co.
  • Greg DePrey, Allen Business Machines
  • Tom Dietch, Bradley Company
  • Matt Graves, Strahm
  • John Hoffman, Star Excavating
  • Tom Nowak, Katz, Sapper & Miller
  • Janet Roe, One Eleven Design
  • Sam Schenkel, Lassus Bros. Oil, Inc.
  • Aimee Shimasaki, MartinRiley Architects/Engineers
  • Rob Young, The Hagerman Group
  • Steve Zacher, The Zacher Company
  • Todd Zonker, Moss Building Products



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Economic Development

For decades BCA has been a strong proponent and financial contributor to northeast Indiana economic development efforts and the professional organizations in the business of economic development. Through the early 1980's, BCA donated $150,000 to the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Council and held a leadership role on that board of directors. In 1995 BCA launched its current fundraising campaign and has on average 50 members that pledge their support to it year after year. Twenty years later in 2015 aggregate investments totalled $499,500. Recipients of this support are the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, Greater Fort Wayne and 10 outlying regional counties.

To help members and investors be apprised of activities to attract and retain business for our market area, the committee sponsors two events annually with activity updates from recipient organizations of our economic development funds. BCA members interact with area economic development officials and elected officials from throughout the region to network and learn from each other about challenges and opportunities for our local market.

BCA has been an advocate and lobbyist for many landmark construction projects over the years in this community including:

  • General Motors Corporation
  • Allen County Memorial Coliseum Expansion
  • Baer Field (Fort Wayne International) Airport Expansions
  • Airport Expressway
  • Grand Wayne Center Renovation
  • Harrison Square

A long time advocate for a one-stop-shop permitting system with local planning departments, BCA actively meets with local planning professionals. Goals are to create dialogue between these government agencies and the users of their services to encourage more efficient project routing and to serve in advisory capacity to them.